Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Milwaukee Public Museum Field Trip

Today we had an amazing time at the Milwaukee Public Museum! We went to an iMax movie, explored, had lunch, and went on two bus rides. The students were respectful and compromised on what exhibits to see first. We saw dinosaurs, different continents, old Milwaukee, butterflies, different climate zones, crystals, many masks, the galaxies, the Milky Way, planets, and all kinds of plants and animals. We learned about different cultures, landscapes from long ago, earth's spot in the universe, the earth long ago, and animals and plants across earth. Check out these photos to get a glimpse into our fun filled day. Also, thank you to all our chaperones. I hope you had as much fun as we did! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Team Explore Race for President and Vice President

Team Explore is having their own election tomorrow! A President  and and Vice President were nominated from each class. All other students were given a state that has been alotted a certain amount of electoral votes. We have been learning about the electoral college and how presidents are really elected. Tomorrow each student will cast their electoral votes. Ask your student what state they are representing in our election and how many votes they have been assigned. Today our candidates for President and Vice President also gave speeches on how they would make Team Explore if they were elected. Some platforms that the candidates are running on are stopping bullying, adding class pets to every room, giving more behavior incentives and helping everyone being kind. 

Our president and Vice President combos are: 
Noah and Mason 
Emalee and Tiphanie 
Allie and Alec 

Happy Voting Day! 

Check out the Student Council Election

Tomorrow on Election Day students from student council will be running for President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian and Treasurer of student council. An all school vote will take place to see who will be elected to the student council. Candidates came around to each classroom today to tell why they should be elected. A big shout out to the students from team explore who are running for student council: Aeris Pope is running for President or Vice President,Tiphanie Hightire is running for treasurer, and Isabella Ramczyk is running for historian. Good luck to all the candidates! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Field Trip to West Allis City Hall

We had a great time at city hall today! Students got to meet the mayor (Dan Devine), be city council members, view early voting and much, much more! We were also given exclusive tours of the green room the city uses to make promotional videos, the printing press room, video room, and IT computer data base of all of West Allis. And to top it all off we had awesome weather for our walk to and from city hall with a personal police escort. Check out these pictures of our adventures!